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Conduit Tech is dedicated to helping HVAC professionals do what they do best - serve their customers with the right solution for their home

Conduit Tech was founded to empower Pros in the field, by relentlessly listening and innovating.

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Conduit’s mission is to enable the critical trades that form the backbone of the built world, starting with residential HVAC.

Conduit focuses on supporting HVAC contractors with better tools to drive comfortable, efficient and sustainable homes for every homeowner.

Our sales tools support contractors in designing, selling and installing high performance systems leveraging software and machine learning technologies that integrate home-specific insights and data into the HVAC sales process. We help you get ahead of the game, and future proof your sales process.

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What customers are saying

“The Conduit app has so much potential to change the way estimates are done.”
— Adam, A-Team Heating and Air
“It’s enlightening to work with people that are driven by success, ask good questions, prepare for meetings, and most of all, listen and make improvements based on feedback. The software is innovative. The goal is to have a software that streamlines a process to improve productivity with accuracy being a large focus. Each time updates are launched; it incorporates the suggested improvements. I am delighted to be a part of the Conduit team!”
— Rob, Basnett Plumbing, Heating and AC
“Conduit has an innovative product that is changing the way HVAC is sold, and I'm proud to have been able to partner with them.”
— Jason, Comfort Craftsmen Mechanical

Driving energy efficiency with quick, accurate system design.

Residential heating and cooling account for nearly 10% of US energy use. System customization can help reduce this number, with both Pros and Homeowners standing to benefit from driving energy savings. The Conduit Platform helps contractors design efficient installations, and share those benefits to homeowners, differentiating their service at the kitchen table.

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Tom Buiocchi

Former CEO, Service Channel

Chris Morin

Founder & Trainer @HVAC Pro Blog; Regional Sales Manager @ Mitsubishi Electric

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Former CEO, WaveSolar / SVP of Marketing, Mosaic

Rob Basnett

Owner, Basnett Plumbing & Heating

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